Life can be challenging at times. Consider individual counseling to help construct a platform to help make positive changes in your life. With the help of a licensed counselor, you may be able to accomplish things that you’ve never thought were possible before.

Couples Counseling

Couples therapy focuses on the problems existing in the relationship between two people. Counseling helps couples understand and resolve conflicts and improve their relationship. Restoration Counseling believes that individuals were created for connection.  Couples counseling can help individuals have authentic relationships and achieve real connection as well as emotional intimacy. Couples therapy gives couples the tools to communicate better, negotiate differences, and problem solve. Additionally, Restoration Counseling works with couples dealing with infidelity and sexual addiction.

Individual Counseling

Each counselor approaches therapy a bit differently, however, our goal is to consider the biopsychosocial dynamics in an individual’s life.  This approach examines the biological, psychological, as well as social aspects of one’s current situation and history.  It’s necessary to understand a client’s world view and explore the difficulties, conflicts, and pain they experience.  Each of our counselors takes the time to get to know each individual and their history, personality, and current situations. In general, individuals are seen on a weekly basis for 50 minute sessions.

Family Counseling

Family therapy offers a way to view clinical problems within the context of a family. The goal of family counseling is to help family members improve communication, solve family problems, and understand and handle special family situations. It is not uncommon to implement both individual and family therapy to achieve optimal goals for an individual. We also offer specialized help for Blended Families.

Group Counseling

Healing from Hidden Abuse Group

Psychological abuse is ugly, hidden, and difficult to describe. This group supports women walking the difficult journey of trying to find their footing in or after a destructive relationship. If you are in an abusive romantic relationship or if you have grown up with a narcissistic or emotionally abusive parent this group will help you develop the road-map that helps you wake up, break free, and heal. This group is based upon the book, Healing from Hidden Abuse by Shannon Thomas and meets four times a year for 6 weeks.   Contact us for more information about this group.

Intuitive Eating Group

Have you tried dieting over and over again, only to find yourself in despair each time you “fail”? If you are ready to create a peaceful and healthy relationship with food, develop a positive body image, decrease your stress about eating, and find the connection between your mind and body, then this 10-week group, led by Shannon Brandes, LMHC, is for you. This group will consist of working in the Intuitive Eating workbook which will come with your registration of the group. The workbook will be provided for you at the start of the group. It is recommended to also purchase the 3rd edition Intuitive Eating book as a supplement to the workbook. Contact our office for more information. 

Overcoming Sexual Addiction Faith Based Group for Men 

If you are silently suffering with sexual behaviors that are causing problems in your life or relationships, the support and education provided in this group will be valuable as well as helpful for you.  In this group you will learn why these behaviors develop and how to manage and cope through God-centered curriculum and accountability with others.  This group begins in August 2019. Call our office for more information.