How to Get Through Hard Times

By: Kilondra Davis, MA

In life, it seems to be impossible to avoid hard times. However, many of us still want a life that is full of happiness and has a well-lit straight path. Unfortunately, the reality of life only being that way is nonexistent. Life is made up of joy, but it is also comprised of many winding, dipping, and dark roads. Since we are unique, our lives are different. This makes the challenges we face different and wide ranging.  Although we know this, we often do not know how to get through these struggling times when they present themselves.

To help with this, here are some tips on how to get through the winding, dipping, and dark roads of life….

  • Accepting What You Can and Cannot Control
    • Often life’s challenges become unbearable because we are trying to handle and maintain circumstances that are outside of our control. Which creates additional stress and emotional trouble.
    • Writing a list of what we can and cannot control in this hard time can bring us clarity about what we can and cannot change.
  • Breaking Things Down to Handle Things One At A Time To Help It Become More Bearable
    • Writing the list of what we can and cannot control can then lead to problem solving the aspects of the list that we can control.
    • Begin to act out the problem-solving ideas that was created. Try to do this one at a time to minimize the feeling of being overwhelmed.
  • Clinging to Coping Skills
    • Since there are going to be things about the hard times that we cannot control, it is important to cling and apply the coping skills that work for you.
    • The coping skills will help make getting through the hard times more bearable and allow the circumstances to not consume us.
  • Using Support System
    • It can very helpful to go through life’s challenges with trustworthy, safe, and encouraging people. Having a support system lift some of the heaviness of the situation off verses carrying the burden alone.
  • Using R.A.O.R to Manage The Difficult Emotions
    • With hard times comes hard emotions. Using R.A.O.R can be helpful to manage with these emotions. The steps on how to use Recognize, Accept, Observe, and Release (R.A.O.R) can be found in the previous blog My Emotions Are Everywhere.
  • Clinging to What Gives You Hope
    • Having hope is an important component of being able to get through hard times. It is what gives us the motivation to keep going. Find what gives you hope, and cling to it.
  • Eating and Sleeping Adequately
    • External circumstances can have a big impact on our bodies. By giving our bodies what it needs we will be more capable of going through our challenges. This is because our strength is not being depleted.
  • Seek Professional Help If Needed
    • Sometimes additional help is needed. Be sure to seek aid if it is needed.


“Things Will Get Better. It May Be Stormy Now, But It Never Rains Forever”  -Unknown

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