Did you know…

33% Of American seek porn at least once a month

68% of Christian Men struggle with unwanted sexual behavior

Have you ever…

…felt that you look for a relationship to fill what is missing in your life?

…sought other people or relationships thinking it would make your current situation better?

…feared and craved intimacy at the same time?

…been abused as a child or adolescent?

…felt worthless, ashamed, or disconnected?

…hurt someone you are in a relationship with because of your behaviors?

…felt there are behaviors that have affected your relationship negatively with your partner?

…felt that you are driven by certain compulsions?

…struggled with self-esteem?

…felt that you need to be “good enough” to earn love from others?

Soon a new group to help men who are struggling with sex and pornography addiction will begin at Restoration Counseling. The purpose of this group, based upon the Seven Pillars of Freedom by Ted Roberts, is to support men in their recovery by providing a safe, confidential place to process their life story.  Healing and restoration can happen when you are surrounded by a community who walk the journey with you.  Sexual addiction isolates and separates you from the ones you love the most.  Our hope is that within this group you can find hope and restoration as you learn to tell your story and understand the impact it has on your behavior.