Rebecca Johnson, LMHC, QS

Thank you for taking a minute to check out Restoration Counseling’s website. 

I am licensed by the State of Florida as a Mental Health Counselor and the owner/director of Restoration Counseling.  I received my Master of Science degree in Mental Health Counseling from Walden University where I was honored to be a part of Chi Sigma Iota.  My Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology is from Malone University. I am a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors and the American Counseling Association.

My experience includes working with clients regarding most mental health issues but I specialize in helping my clients identify, heal, and recover from toxic relationships.  I have devoted additional time to specialize in Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome, emotional abuse/psychological abuse, and toxic families. Many of my clients are survivors of an emotionally abusive home or a narcissistic relationship. We work together to learn and establish tools as well as create the road map for their recovery and healing.   

The therapeutic relationship is so important!  To benefit from counseling you need to feel heard and understood.  I approach my clients with compassion, warmth, and validation.  I wholeheartedly believe you can work successfully toward your goals given a supportive, non-judgmental, and encouraging environment. 

I work with clients individually and I offer groups geared toward narcissistic abuse recovery. I do not work directly with couples. 

Currently I am only accepting new clients who are searching for support in navigating an abusive relationship. 

I also love sharing and educating others outside of my practice. I am available for educational workshops or seminars related to healthy relationships, boundaries, or narcissistic and emotional abuse.  

If you have questions about the counseling process, my work with survivors of narcissistic abuse, or Restoration Counseling in general, feel free to email